Things to Know about Double Chin Removal

Double Chin removal occurs when a patient has a problem referred to as a double chin. Double chin affects all kinds of people either overweight or not. The laser technology invention and introduction into the liposuction procedure have increased patient satisfaction and enabled better results. The laser technology has been of great impact towards achieving the objective of a secure procedure.


Double chin removal in a single procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. As part of bigger liposuctions, double chin removal is performed. In a situation where the procedure takes place under general anesthesia then it important before the surgery takes place the patient has to perform a blood test and urine test in the laboratory. The patient under general anesthesia should not be allowed to eat before all procedures during a period of six hours before the surgery.

Many patients have a common question on how to get rid of double chin. The answer is with the surgeons who can make it happen. There are new technologies like double chin removal via surgery and double chin liposuction made available for fat under the chin.

Reasons for Excess Fat under the Chin

It is important to note that the fat under the chin can be influenced by several factors. Genetic reasons may be the main cause of the excess fat under the chin. However, liposuction before this time was a possible solution. Moreover, both ladies and men have one thing in common that they share which is the double chin and aging jawline.

There is a number of technologies that can be of great impact like lax skin. The bands or lines that cause turkey necks results from muscles that in most cases as we age becomes more noticeable. The lines can be reduced using botulinum toxin to smoothen the skin. Jowling can be reduced using the same procedure since they also pull the lower face as well. The jawline is elevated by relaxing the muscles after a downward pull. Therefore, you will notice the neck smoothens. The best results are obtained as a result of the combination of the above procedures.

In addition, elimination of fat, achieving a neck lift, tightening neck fat and reduction of wrinkles can be achieved. Exercise and a balanced diet also play an important role in keeping your body look younger. They also help in reducing the risk of everything that ranges from heart disease to cancer. People with even great shape can find themselves suffering from a double chin. The only challenge with exercise and diet is that spot reduction of fat is not possible.

There is also a non-surgical alternative to liposuction referred to as coolscupting that rids the body of anesthesia, fat bulges with no needles and downtime. Coolsculpting uses a fat-freezing technology that aims at targeting problem areas. This is done without damaging the tissue structures in the surrounding areas. A special handpiece known as the CoolMini is used under the chin with Cool Sculpting. The clearance of CoolMini by FDA was based on a trial that involved sixty female and male patients. Check what this clinic has to say about double chin removal procedures in Melbourne, and you will be more informed on the subject.

A double can make one look or appear aged or overweight. Double Chin removal is the best alternative that can be taken to restore their look. Women’s beauty and youthfulness are marked by a smooth, contoured neck and chin. Chiseled jaw line in men shows his strength and resolve. However, chin removal is vital since it gives out a new look. There are new technologies like double chin removal via surgery and double chin liposuction made available for fat under the chin. Lastly, double chin removal should be taken at the right time.